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Play and save the planet Alpha Labori

We invite you to join a journey to distant stars, where there is a picturesque planet Alpha Labori. Unfortunately, this world is endangered. Its very survival hangs in the balance, and if it is lost, this marvelous world will be lost too. Unless two courageous heroes can complete their assignments to save the planet.

The first one is called Sparky, who is a little repair robot. His task is to fix the second hero, Shortz, a multi-purpose life-saving robot.

Extinction is a heavy word used when a certain species or whole taxonomic group no longer exists on Earth. Perhaps an army of life-saving robots is just what we need? Then again, AI raises its own set of issues, so how about we leave the philosophical challenges to the side for now and concentrate on Sparky & Shortz, an online slot full of stacked symbols, a progressive win multiplier, and free spins.